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I woke up, turning over in my bed. I groaned, rubbing my forehead. I picked myself up, and looked down. The fur seemed to be slowly spreading across my body.

After what happened at school, the school board had elected to send me home for the day. Mike… Well, he didn't have any words of wisdom to impart to me. All he said was that it was the goddesses will. Said goddess had remained quiet after our conversation in the nurse's room.

I walked out into the hallway, wearing my pyjamas. I headed for the bathroom, where I examined my face, and my ears… The fur on the ears was that of a red-fox—which wasn't quite surprising, since that was the colour of the fur on my chest. My face also looked more… Rounded. It was hard to describe. It still looked like *my* face, but there were… Things, about it. Feminine things. The cheekbones—the jaw, even.

I shuddered, and took a shower. The fur bristled as water ran through it... It was an incredibly odd sensation, yet it also felt rather pleasant.

I finished, and got dressed. I walked into the living room—but it was empty. I tilted my head, and looked around the house. …Uncle Mike didn't seem to be inside. I frowned, sighing. …Did I creep him out? –I guess I'd creep anyone out, suddenly growing ears like that…. I scratched the base of my ears without realising, blinking a little. It felt… Strangely pleasant. I shook my head, snapping out of it. I lowered my hand, and walked towards the field In the middle of the dojo.

…I saw Mike kneeling at the foot of the fountain. He was looking up at the statue of the Kitsune that rested in the middle. I narrowed my eyes—that must have been a statue of Illaena… The Kitsune now inhabiting my body.

"…More than just your body, darling. Your spirit." I heard the voice ring in my head. I narrowed my eyes, and walked back into my room. I didn't want Mike to see me acting weird.

'…Okay. Illaena. Tell me what the deal is. Now.' I thought.

"Or what?"

'Or… Or… …Damnit. You've got me.'

"…A more apt term would be that YOU'VE got ME."


"…Don't you feel it? My power, surging through you... What's left of it, anyway."

'…' I didn't really have much to say to that—the moment she said it, I knew she was right. I was scared.

"…So. I bet you're wondering why I'm here. And why you have those cute little ears on your head."

'…It's been…  ….Something I've been thinking about.'

"I didn't have the strength to talk much earlier… But now that we've had a rest, I'm stronger. Else I'd have told you at the nurse's place."

'…Your thoughts sound a bit muddled, you know.'

"…Perhaps that would have to do with being locked in that necklace for twenty years."

'…Wait, what?'

"…The necklace your uncle gave you. That was me."

I frowned, rubbing at where the patch of fur was… It made sense. I think.

'…So, when the necklace glowed…'

"…I was bonding to your spirit. I'd say you're my vessel, but…. It's more direct than that. It was the only way I could regain any sort of strength."

'What the hell were you doing in a necklace?!'

"…I wasn't there by my own will, if that was what you were thinking. …I was tricked in a duel with Myria. She trapped me there, for twenty years…."

'…Okay. So now you're out. Why can't you just take her down?'

"…I wish that were possible. But my energy had been sapped by the necklace. Which is now dissolved, by the way. Now that I have a host, I'm getting my strength back. …However, I can't have a host in an inappropriate body."

'…By "Inappropriate", you mean "Male", right?'

"…I'm a goddess. Not a god. On top of that, I'm a Kitsune. …The only way for you to be an acceptable host, and weild my powers, is if you were too."

'…You're… ..Turning me into a Kitsune.'

"A Kitsune deity, yes."

'…' I stared at the floor, with a blank expression, my mind just trying to comprehend that.

"…It is… Regrettable. Normally the creation of a new god takes years of debate. However now, it's unavoidable. In order to heal me, bring me back to full power, I have to imbued you with the capability to do as I do. In a way—your body, your essence, your very spirit, has to resonate with mine."

'And by resonate, you mean… Match. In both power, strength, and body.'

"Precisely. …It's risky. But as the process goes forward, you will get up to nine tails… By that time, you will begin accumulating power as a goddess."

'…I can't believe this. Are you being SERIOUS? Me? A god? I....'

"Goddess." Illaena corrected.

'Alright, fine, goddess. –I'm really turning into a girl, aren't I?'

"…Yes. Kitsune are all female, here."

'…' I let out a loud, audible groan.

"…We will rule over this town together, you and I. Isn't that a good thing? Don't you WANT power like that?"

'…No. Anyone who wants great power over people doesn't deserve that power, for they would seek to abuse it.'

"…That's a blanket assumption. People want power for good too, you know."

'…Alright, fine. Maybe. I just don't' want to be a girl.'

"…It's unavoidable. The process began as soon as you put the necklace on."

'Why didn't my uncle…'

"…Get bonded with me? He never put the necklace on. He saw it as an artefact. I'm surprised he even gave it to you, to be honest… Then again, maybe he thought you needed it. Given the school you're going to? …Ugh."

'…You… Don't agree with the school?'

"…It wasn't set up by me. The traps? The battles? …It's not what I wanted. It's all Myria's doing."

'…Given what you've told me so far, that seems to be the most likely scenario.' I agreed, flopping onto my back, and staring at the ceiling. Moments passed, before I sighed….
'…How long will the process take?'

"…A couple of months. Your first tail should come along in a couple days or so… At this rate, I presume your body will be completely female by the third tail."

'…Nnnngh… …I don't…'

"…Like it? …I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do at this point. The process has begun. It had to. …It's your destiny, Naema, to lead these people alongside me. It's your destiny to defeat Myria."


I laid in the bed, staring at the ceiling. …This was too much to take in. Me? A deity—A Kitsune goddess? …It seemed completely impossible, irrational, and… Well, unlikely.

"…There's also something else."


"…We're gonna need followers. More specifically, you're going to need followers."


"…We need people to believe in you, to help give us extra strength to defeat Myria."

'…How the hell does that even work?!'

"…It's simple. If people believe in us, and lend us their strength in battle—through prayer, and willpower… We can win. In fact, it's the ONLY way we can win. When Myria finds out about you? You're going to be in danger. But she can't kill anyone—the other gods would notice. And they wouldn't be happy."

'…The gods didn't notice you –gone-?'

"…Myria made it look as if she were fighting honestly. They respect the outcomes of duels. And there's no way we can contact them, not when we're this weak.  We need people to believe in us in order to prevail. …You're gonna have to unite the school, Naema."

'…No. That's impossible. I can't. The school is so freaking divided, it's not funny. Traps, deception, attacks, duels… Uniting all the houses? …Impossible.'

"…You're going to have to do it. The school has the highest concentration of people in it than anywhere else in the town. It would be literally impossible otherwise. That's where we've got to strike."

'…What do you expect me to do? Start a freaking FANCLUB?'

"…I expect you to do well. Become a desirable figure. Get people to worship you as an idol—it won't be blasphemy because you will literally be a goddess before the year is out."

'…Shit, Illaena. My first day? I was USELESS. If anything, I'd have a hate club. Even Ares hates me.'

"…Ares doesn't hate anyone. I know him."

'…Oh, snap! What if we talk to Ares tomorrow, when class begins? Tell him about you!'

"…That won't work, Naema. They're on Myria's side. The only way we can beat her and be deemed worthy is fair and square. …Myria won't play fair and square. She'll be a tricky BITCH."

'…I never expected to hear that kind of language from a deity.'

"…And you shouldn't. But it's true. She's a bitch, and that's all there is to it."

'…Aren't you being a bit childish?'

"…She locked me in a freaking necklace for twenty years."


"…Regardless, Namea? You're going to have to toughen up. I suggest working to be an authority figure. A strong, wise warrior. If you're not good enough, Myria will kill us both, regardless of what the other gods say, mark my words."

'…But you're only attached to my spirit, right? Why would her killing me kill you?'

"…I'm not attached to your spirit. I'm BONDED to it."

'…And… That means that when my spirit dies…'

"…I'd die along with it."

I frowned, sitting up again. This… Was all so much to take in. Could I really do it? Could I really rally the school? Especially when it's that freaking insane? …Rin could help me. …Yes, that could work! Rin seemed to know what he was doing when he was there yesterday—but, damn… He's not exactly a people person. I remembered how he treated that girl in the hallway, hitting on her… That's not a person that should be a god's people-person. Maybe an advisor, a specialist in the school's area—A guy who knows the ins and outs of how everything works, and could provide strength and support, carrying out plans.

That left me with a question: Who WOULD be the people-person? …I thought intently about all the people I'd met that day, and in the end, only one struck out to me. Janet. …It made sense—she was picked to be the person who lead students to the right areas on entrance day, right? And she seemed like a nice, friendly girl…. She really got along with others, and was the only, logical choice. The only blank area around her, was; what house was she in? It'd be hard to team up with her if she was in another house—ESPECIALLY Myria's house. I winced. Oh god, the Myrian's. …They would be my biggest adversary in this. I would bet a King Star that no matter what, they would be on Myria's side.

"…You know, you're quite good at this logic stuff. I think you're going to be perfect for the job."

'…It's all fine in thought, but what about practice?! How the hell do I go up to them and say "Hey, I'm turning into a goddess, please follow me or I'll die?"'

"…You go up to them and say "Hey, I'm turning into a goddess, please follow me or I'll die?"

'…' I groaned, letting myself fall to my side, from my sitting position. I curled up on the ground, into a tight ball, just wanting to go back home and forget all this crap was even happening.

I knew I couldn't ignore it. But I wanted to, so badly. I had to face the truth sometime: This was happening, and I had to deal with it, or I'd be taking a one way trip to the afterlife, whether I liked it or not. It was time for me to do something.

I stood up, stretching. I rubbed my forehead for a minute, trying to clear my head, and figure out a further plan. Illaena was, thankfully, silent—I knew she would reply if I ever wanted to talk to her, though, which comforted me. I headed outside to check on uncle Mike, but he was already back in the living room, cooking breakfast. I walked back in, and checked the clock—thankfully, there was still time left for me to go to school.

"…I'm going today, and there isn't a goddamn thing you can do about it." I said, upon noticing Mike's face. He nodded. "…If it's the will of Illaena…."

"It is."

"…Then… …Breakfasts' ready." Mike said, and brought some pancakes to the table. I ate, and then headed to the front door, before pausing, and turning to Mike. "…Illaena. She's bonded with my spirit." I said, quietly. Mike nodded. "…It explains the ears. And the face."

"…Be safe. Stay away from Myria supporters."

"…Always have."

"…See you later." I left the room. Illaena's voice spoke in my head. "You know, you really shouldn't use the word 'goddamn'. That's self-blasphemy."

"….Oh, shut it."
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Self blasphemy
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